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Fernando Soni Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.4
The AzureBay Screen Saver gives examples of several collections for you to choose.
This unique screen saver will allow you to check out several different examples of some of Azure Bay titles.
Now you don't have to install many screensavers just to see what they are about.
It will let you see selected images from different screen savers and collections so you can examine them and then install your favorite or favorites.
When you install this screen saver it will include the latest AzureBay version, plus many images from the other screen savers.
You will be able to see beautiful pictures of different topics and themes that will make taking your final decision easier.
The AzureBay Screen Saver is completely free, as well as the bonus images that come along with it.
You don't have to spend money many times buying several screen savers just to try them.
You will get a first hand view of many of them, and when you have decided, you will be able to buy just the one you really like.
Try this screen saver and it will surely save you time and money.


  • Practical for showing you different collections.


  • Only one image from each collection.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.

Publisher's description

The AzureBay Screen Saver is completely free, it will include the latest AzureBay screensavers and many different pictures that will make your desktop look more alive.This program allows you to select images from different screen savers and collections so you can examine them

Latest comments

  • 0
    Guest 8 days ago

    I bought my Pacific Northwest Screen Saver at the Space Needle Gift Shop in Seattle. I tried several times to download it but no luck. I followed also their instruction to go to ,, It never work out. I am not sure how they sell something that never work. It is too late for me to return the screen saver CD, I am way far away from Seattle. Any help?

  • 0
    Rod 2 months ago

    I bought Colorado Screen Saver some time ago and I cannot use it.
    There are locked photos in the CD and a code is needed to unlock each set. How do I get them?

  • 0
    Guest 4 months ago

    I bought an AzureBay screen saver "Childhood Memories" which I love quite a few years ago, at least 10 or so years, and am trying to get it on my new computer without success. I have called the technical support phone number that is on the screen saver packet but it is no longer in service. Can some one call me to help me with this or email me to what I need to do. I keep getting pop ups about the screen saver to down load but the pop up takes me to a page that states that I am in the wrong place. I would like to get rid of the pop ups and get this screen saver on my screen. Sincerely, Barbara Robinson

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